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Long ago you were intimately connected to the universe, the earth and your higher soul self. You listened and acknowledged your hearts infinite wisdom and respected the feminine art of feeling, intuition and inner knowing.


For too long societies have devalued women’s gifts of feeling and intuition in favour of the masculine principles that worship science, data and logic. Embedded deeply in the feminine consciousness are patterns of inequality, persecution and sacrifice erroneously placed on women by centuries of old religious paradigms and misused masculine power that claimed to have the only word on God and the spiritual life. These patriarchal systems have disconnected and separated women from their true nature and authentic selves, and has resulted in today’s modern woman being disenfranchised and fearful of her feminine spirituality and power. Now is a time of great change for the feminine consciousness. You all deserve to be heard, acknowledged and valued and it is your birth right to express as the passionate free thinking woman your truly are. It is my passion to teach women how to re-connect to this powerful inner wisdom and guidance. You are all uniquely designed for this purpose.

In my workshops I share with you the tools to establish deep connections of communication with your higher self, spirit guides and your soul family. You will learn how to discover the life patterns that repeatedly manifest negatively in your life and the necessary steps to transform them. You will reconnect with the loving soul within and begin the process of inner healing that will liberate, empower and free you.

This is secret women’s business and is intended to be a safe, nurturing space for the spiritual awakening, healing growth and expression for all women regardless of your religion, culture, age or ethnic background.

Each workshop builds on the previous one and are for group bookings of 3 to 5 women. Private tuition is available.


This is the first essential workshop where you learn to connect to your feminine intuition to access and understand the reoccurring life patterns that are responsible for inhibiting you from living your life to its fullest potential. Understanding how energy and universal laws operate help you to become a powerful manifestor for your life and the lives of those you love. You experience a powerful freeing women activation that reverses negative conditioning helping to raise your vibration and restoring your original birthright and sacredness as a free and empowered woman. You receive an Empowered Women Certificate that qualifies you to attend other workshops on principles that have evolved from the Mastering Feminine Intuition workshop.


Our spirit guides and soul family are with us all the time to help uplift and support us. They offer us an incredible amount of love, inspiration and support and are a great resource when we need wisdom and council. You will learn how to identify spirit guides and soul family and establish strong connections and relationships with this amazing support system that is freely available to everyone. Imagine having access to your own set of life coaches, healers, angels, spiritual gurus and manifestos 24/7. You will learn how they communicate through dreams, signs and actions and establish clear direct loving communication with them.


Now that you understand the principles of feminine intuition and how to access information about your physical, mental, emotional energetic and spiritual self you are ready to go deeper to understand your relationship with world group consciousness and develop a clearer picture of your reoccurring life patterns and the necessary intentions and invocations that can help release and dissolve them. You learn how to apply powerful corrections and incantations for yourself and your loved ones. You learn about archetypes and the role they play in your life and how and why affirmations can redirect and transform your life when applied correctly.


Past life memories are the autobiographies of your eternal soul. They are your personal journeys that explain who you really are and your purpose in this life. Past lives are always influencing and imprinting on the life we experience now. In my practice with past life therapy I have seen again and again evidence of past life patterning influencing and recreating circumstances and relationships that mirror past life events and trauma. In this workshop you learn how to navigate past life event so you can understand your currant relationships, fears, challenges and the limitations operating in your life.


Pure Hearts Club is a monthly workshop for everyone that has completed the Mastering Feminine Intuition workshop. Subject matter is intuitively selected by the group and will evolve and change with the group energy and desired intentions collectively. All Pure Hearts have access to the Pure Hearts private Facebook Group for sharing, support and inspiration.

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